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Plastic material molding
Production of plastic packaging for fruit and vegetables
The 4esse s.r.l. entered into business in September 1998. It produces polypropylene and polyethylene plastic boxes mainly for the transport of fruit and vegetables and vegetables.
The high quality level of the products is given by the choice of raw materials used, as well as for the machinery used in the cycle
that are technologically advanced.
In addition, the company has an internal design, development and industrialization center for new products with a CAD system
(Computer Aided Desig).
To keep the quality standard of the products made high, 4esse s.r.l. has an internal department with cutting-edge machinery tools for the maintenance and repair of molds.
Primary objective of 4esse s.r.l. is complete customer satisfaction.
To ensure this purpose and to improve its organizational, management and operational methods, adapting the company to the
needs of the market, 4esse s.r.l. has obtained the certification.

la 4esse ha ottenuto la certificazione

Model 30*40*12 IML
Model 30*40*13,5 IML
Model 30*40*17 IML
Model 30*40*21 IML
IML (In-Mold Labeling) is the transformation process that allows you to customize the container by completely merging the label with the packaging itself during the injection process.
The In Mold Labeling technology allows to obtain a very high print quality and to reproduce on the containers particular graphic effects and high resolution images, able to guarantee a more captivating result.

Models 30*40*--
Models 30*50*--
Special Formats

We support our customers before, during and after the purchases, guaranteeing a high quality standard of the products supplied
Ability to customize the products purchased with the customer's graphics
The speed of delivery distinguishes our company
The company adheres to the CONIP National Consortium of Plastic Packaging for the production of packaging for fruit and vegetables and collaborates with the consortium in the recovery phase of the packaging placed on the market.


Tel: 0962-31709 OFFICE
Tel: 0962-36528 FAX
Tel: 3351434233 CELL
Tel: 3351434236 CELL


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