4ESSE s.r.l.

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4ESSE s.r.l.

The 4 esse s.r.l. entry into operations in September 1998.
Manufactures plastic boxes made of polypropylene
or polyethylene predominantly
for the transport of fruit and vegetable products.

The high quality of products is the choice of raw materials,
well as for machinery used in the production cycle
are technologically advanced.

The company also has an inner core of design,
development and industrialization
new products with
CAD systems (Computer Aided Design).

To maintain high quality standards of products produced,
4esse s.r.l. has an internal department with
advanced machine tools for maintenance and repair of molds.

The primary objective of
4esse s.r.l. is complete customer satisfaction.
To ensure that regard and to improve its organization,
managerial and operational, the company adapting to market requirements,
4esse has been certified

UNI EN ISO 9001:2008
Certificate No 543
Activity Manufacture of plastic containers for industry

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